Sunday, May 16, 2010

Farewell or not

it's gonna be a busy week ahead filled with happiness and sadness . Why ?


Plus , my batch is having a 3 days 2 nights farewell chalet starting from tomorrow . i so hate the word "farewell" . i dont wanna leave everyone ! We have sooooo many memories together , all the way since before we started school in Poly . We are already more than being friends , rather , like brothers and sisters already . i'm glad that i have a cca and made a bunch of good friends .

(Of course , they aren't the only ones from my batch .)

Let's continue to have outings and also crash into camps/events as old birds ! ^___^Y

And thursday is my day to receive my diploma . Actually i'm not at all excited about it . i dont know why . Maybe i hate the process of changing into robe , listen to long farewell speech , wait to walk on the stage and receive my certificate and then wait again for the whole thing to end . So i'm actually wasting a whole of my time waiting ! And , in the hall , i cannot get to sit with who i want . AND AND AND , there's even attire to follow !!! i cant wear what i want ! ):

But , i cant wait to spam photos with my classmates , coursemates , schoolmates and friends who drop by if any (Is there any ??? XD) !

Last but not least , weekend with 羅志祥 !!! *DANCING* Of course not one to one la ! ): But still , gonna be a fun and high weekend !∖(^∀^)∕

★☆☆ Going broke already !!! Spent too much on online shopping recently ! Needa control my expenses but shopping is such an irresistible addiction . ):

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