Monday, March 01, 2010

Worse Nightmare Ever

After months of relying and dumping every shits into my 1TB external hard disk , it turns out faulty now ! IT FAILS TO CONNECT TO ANY COMPUTERS !!!

And how lucky i am to face this problem when i need my past works to submit to NTU as my portfolio . i dont know to say i real lucky or what . Hard disk turns faulty day after i transferred my showreel into my smaller external hard disk !

So now i've got almost nothing . i'm going to bring it for recovery service , though i hope i can recover everything (my dramas 、my shows 、my magazines 、my softwares 、my work 、my 超可愛い images and emoticons etc…) but my assignments and my filled-with-memories photos are my main focus .

After almost week of working on ADM's assignments and portfolio at Wenjing's house , i've finally settled them . Now what's left is Appraisal Form →→ by 3rd March (Wednesday) .

i forgot what i wanna post . So more updates on next post with photos !

Now is 5:14am . おやすみ or おはよう ?

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