Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Nineteenth ?

i think i have a pathetic 19th birthday ! i would rather to have no celebration than to be sick - upset tummy ! i have to visit a doctor and take medicine instead of having a big feast with my friends . What a nice day !

Belated soon i guess ? But then tummy still feels weird . i dont think i can eat much though i miss eating food badly ! (T_T) FYI , i ate nothing yesterday (tried eating abit but end up puking all out) then today just 2 slice of bread , one bowl of soup , 1 har-gao and 1 siew-mai !

And doctor said i may have eaten wrong food , but then on Saturday i only have home-cooked macaroni , carrot cake , biscuits and packet milo . Most of the time was spend sleeping ! @.@

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