Sunday, September 13, 2009

First day and i'm dying

First day of work was worser than expected , much worse than doing voluntary work ! i was almost dead in Expo after doing for less than 2 hours . Thank God for giving me so much of perseverance to survive till near 6pm when we called it a day . i'm so not looking forward to tomorrow !

So what i exactly tired me out at Expo ?

i had to get crowds who are going for the Home exhibition and helped the company to pull what they called 'leads' . Alright , they must be such precious 'leads' , so precious that for the whole day i only got 3 ! (faint) Watching the crowds who came out from the exhibition was freaking giddy . WHY ?! Cause the percentage is like 1 out of 100(?) came out from the exhibition hall . On top of that , there was a big pack of crowds walking passed . They are the crowds who came for the Food Fair and John Little's Mega Sales . Won't you feel giddy looking at the crowds spotting those who just came out from the exhibition ? Even if i spotted , majority are just looking around or plainly getting the mattresses or looking at the furniture .

i guess same thing gonna happen later . Wish me good luck ! Or get your families and relatives down to pretend to be my surveyees .

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