Friday, July 03, 2009

Top 10 in my mind

  1. Where's my fucking bedtime which i can sleep and wake up anything time i want ? i need you , please dont run away !!!
  2. FYP is going in an insane mode . Getting worse than expected . Fighting hard no matter what for the freaky 1.5 months !
  3. Days got carried away each day with FYP . Every moment is occupied with FYP mentally . (Dead braincells)
  4. Other than FYP , i cant remember anything !
  5. i'm looking forward to after 17 AUGUST (FYP deadline) and the damn freaking wonderful and enjoyable holiday .
  6. i wanna score for my fucking FYP with credits of 16 but i dont know if i'm on the right track . Lecturers and supervisors are just existed to confuse me !
  7. Saturday is 6A gathering day ! i'm so sexcited ! i seriously miss those days . They were my best time ever . No stress ! No deadline to rush ! No trouble ! Everything is just in front of you ! PEACEFUL ~
  8. i have no time to blog about my trip to the awesome CG Overdrive ! Probably after my FYP ? ZZZ .
  9. i dont think i can sleep for this 1.5 months . i have either tasks to complete or research/tutorials to dig out EVERYDAY !
  10. i need a break but i cant ! i really wish i'm in fantasy right now .

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