Monday, July 06, 2009

6A Gathering

6A finally has a gathering on Staurday , after 7 years since we graduated . Same faces came down . But at least there's more than 10 . Not that pathetic after all .

Pizza Hut at Suntec for lunch and dinner . Pizza Hut is actually chosen cause of the Malays (halal) but in the end none came . National Day preview is ongoing then . We managed to catch few sights of the parade at the Esplanade rooftop garden . And of course we took some group photos .

Next , we went down to Timbre . Something like a pub ? And we ordered alcoholic drink . Slacked and chatted over . i think this is the first time in the 7 years where we sat down and chatted as a group ! Always a line between girls and guys .

How i wish i still live in Pasir Ris . Everyone still live there , and so all went same direction except me . They were going over to DeWei's sister's birthday chalet at Pasir Ris . Since time was turning late and i'm also the only living in West , i went home alone . SADDED ! Next time gonna have another gathering and TON !

And the guys seem to have no change other than looks . Still as childish as before . ji-go-bak is still their game after 7 years ! @.@

i want more 6A gatherings !!!! i dont know why . i just seem to love my 6A gang of people ! Err ... i mean girls . LOL !

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