Sunday, May 10, 2009

A trip to MDA

These days were happenings . Pretty cool happenings ! :D

Wednesday to Friday was CCA drive . And i went down on Thurday . CSCC got such a bad spot . it's simply just a small booth beside the DJ (?) booth . Bad noise pollution since the volume was too high to hear one another's voice and we need to raise our voices . Flipping through the forms , one of them caught my eye . Familiar name and the NRIC starts with 90 ! But not much information was written , so i cannot figure out if one of my P1/2 classmate . And i also dont know if we recognise each other (the last time i saw her was Sec 1 for Keyboard lesson in Pasir Ris Crest Sec) . But there's such possibility since Singapore is SO SMALL ! XD

On the same day , i went to meet my girls after my FYP discussion . Peng and i went over Causeway Point to meet Chris , and since we hadn't have our lunch , we went to eat Pizza Hut which was tempting . The price too ! We took only about a minute to order cause promotion ends at 5pm and we were just few minutes to 5pm ! Hahahah ~ Mad !

After that , we spent our night at Bugis with Hua . We wanted to catch a movie but the timing at the new Cinema was late and by the time the movie ends will be super late ! Arcaded , and dinner-ed since Hua kept saying that she's hungry . i only ordered a drink while the rest of them order a dish . We spent a madful time over there . Or probably i should say Hua and Peng were the ones who were mad ! XD


Friday was such a sleepy day for me ! i simply dont know why . All i know is that I WANNA SLEEP ! Anyway , that morning i forced myself to reach school early since we had to arrive school before 8.45am to take a bus over to Fusionopolis .

We visited MDA (Media Development Authority) for a talk in their screening theatre/room . Well , all i can say it's such a cosy place ! So nice to sleep on that i kept struggling to wake up ! (Opps!)

One of the staffs there gave us a talk about Classification .

Pretty interesting but short clips were disgusting ! Cause short clips were a certain part of movies . There's Klass , The Passion of the Christ and a funny R21 Tamil movie (sounds insulting the religion that's why R21) . OHMYLOLLIPOP ! That part they show of Klass is FUCKING DISGUSTING ! Felt like vomiting lah ! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to the core ! it's like watching pornography ! @.@

After the break , we were allowed to watch a NC16 movie (i forgot the title) and to try to rate it ourselves . Oh well , as i mentioned earlier i was pretty sleepy on Friday , hence i kept stuggling to stay awake but i just couldnt . i slept at parts of the movie , mostly the front part ! (Oppsy! Shhh~)

Before we left was survey time ! High-tech sia !


Use it like how we sms .

Friday was basically spent sleeping . i dont know why but i just feel damn sleeply !

P/S :
Just now i came across a YES 933.3 DJ's blog and saw a post of regarding Fahreheit visiting DSA . There was a video and i went to watch . WOOOOO ~ i spotted few who went to Inspiration Camp last year ! There's more that can be spotted in other videos . (:

CS peeps and others who participated in the camp , if you miss your buddy/any campers , you can go view the videos ! :D

More videos :

* There's about 25 short videos . See the visit1 in the link ? Change the 1 to any number up to 25(?) to see the videos .

(Later in the day/night i'll blog about my Saturday with Huiyun ! :D)

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