Saturday, March 21, 2009

My local internet is not functioning

Woooahs ! i'm finally online after one whole of no internet ! The damn starhub has dont know what problem causing me to lose my local connection and my dad also took the internet thumbdrive . it's freaking boring without internet , and i ended up spending my time sleeping .

This morning , both me and yaching had a meeting with 3 lecturers regarding FYP . A pretty damn short meeting lo . And my group also havent really confirmed our storylines and everything , only had a draft about it .

Yesterday was ... hmm , i dont know how to say . But i enjoyed myself even though there's only 3 of us , me , chris and peng . (Hua didnt join us due to fever .) We had steamboat session at Bugis for about 3 long hours . Spam the food and pour everything into the soup . Hahahahahah . The bbq thing is quite troublesome . i think i prefer steamboat since is rather an easy job . XD

Since we were still full , we walked to Clarke Quay . And took photos ! Currently i received ZERO photos . Orz ~ FASTER SEND ME LAH ! :D

FOC is next week ! But like not really looking forward to it . Cause many having ITP resulting in lesser helpers or can also say my clique mostly having ITPs . Zzz . Nevertheless , still hope it will be a success and everyone having fun ! :D

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