Friday, March 13, 2009


i'm feeling confused now . Everything seems so complicated and sudden . i dont know what to say , still speechless and stun like when i received that sms . Not exactly i have nothing to say about , just that i dont know how to put my thoughts into words . All spinning inside my mind .

No matter a friend or a sister , i thought it's important to be understandable ? Not everyone is the same . Everyone is different , different background and different limits . it's like not possible for me to ask you girls to tag along with me to autograph sessions .

In fact , i think with or without explanation is not important . What's important is understanding , understand what our each move means . Like asking you to go home early and so on . And not that we want to reject appointments with you but you ask at the wrong time . Not all times we can do things following your way . We still have our own schedules and life to move on . But i also have to apologise that most of the time i'm just being lazy . And i know is a damn bad habit !

You share your problems . We give feedbacks but we cant possibly sit by your side and face it with you . We also have our own problems and limits . For me , i gave my feedback but after that is all up to you . You still have to face it yourself like your family matters .

Actually i think problems faced in life can only be solved by ourselves . At the same time , we can also share with others to feel better and also to hear positive feedbacks . But in the end , we still have to face it ourselves as we live for ourselves and not for others . No one will be able to stand 24/7 by our sides except ourselves . Especially when we all officially have a career and work .

i dont care is a friend or a sister . i treasure friendships . i treasure our memories . Probably just that i dont know how to balance it with my personal life . i can be lazy to go out and will like to stay home with my labtop . Simply leading an otaku life . But that doesnt mean i'm ignoring anyone of you (refering to all my friends) unless you badly irritated me which reaches my limit ! At the same time , i also tend to mix around with many groups of friends . And i dont know why i just cant stay on with a smaller circle . Maybe that's because it started off when i'm in primary school .

But i seriously treasure the friendship/sistership/or-whatever-ship-you-call-it with you girls . Cause no matter what happens , like too busy for one another , all of us still gather together and stay on . You all are always there with me no matter what . i dont know why things end up this way . i still feel wierd about it . We have already been sisters for years . And suddenly this happens . However i wish time could reverse us back to those innocent days where nothing get into us . Can we ? )': No wonder i hate growing up !

i dont know if you girls still remember this song :


詞:Song Back-Kyoung 曲:Song Back-Kyoung

淚水擦乾吧 你告訴我要快樂生活
你總在身邊 呵護我聽著我相信我
半夜還要聽我的電話 從來不嫌煩

wow~你給我一罐勇氣 打氣
所有煩惱不如意 甩去
姊妹萬歲 就要妳

給我來一杯活力 和你
心心相印的心情 一起
只要有妳 stay with me

不管外面世界多麼糟糕 我的關心不會少
如果你感覺糟 找我聊一聊 心情不感冒
快樂給你 煩惱給我 聊聊八卦也很好
男生都不會了 女生的煩惱

你給我一瓶友誼 我給妳真心
擺擺裙尾美麗 愛情很重要 不過別忘記我
你一定挺我到底 不囉唆yeah~baby

一起去血拼採購 一起喝減肥茶包
一起討論哪個帥 能夠討你歡心 yeah
有妳跟我在一起 不會孤單

手牽著手 敬姊妹萬歲

No matter what i still love you girls alot (refering to all four of you) . If friendship is like a water , 5 years 2 months (since first day of secondary 2 when we met) isn't just about the surface , it's about the volume of water that collected over the years - the memories and the thick and thin we went through together ...

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