Thursday, December 25, 2008


FUCK LAH ! This year's Christmas sucks !!!!! i lost my phoneeeeee G400 !!! (Cry) i thought i dropped it at Rachel's dad's car but in the end it wasnt there . So must be when i got down from the car in a rush under the heavy rain ! FUCK LAH !!!!!!! ( That means i didnt get to read all the Christmas SMS sent by you guys )

Now super no mood for anything . Haven even sleep somemore .

Curse the person who took my phone and NEVER return to me ! Still off my phone somemore !!!! Walaos !!! i SUPER miss my phone lah ! Less than a month only !!! (Scolding Vulgarities) And is also one of my precious things ~ If not i wont decorate so nice . My stitch ~ My little colorful sticker ~ )':

I want my pretty phone back !!!

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