Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Min

Just gotten back from Min's belated birthday celebration . Why belated ? Cause by the time we met Min the time has already past midnight . @.@ Nevertheless we still had a short fun of moment together under a shelter at the HDB flats opposite Jurong Point with our alcoholic drinks and birthday cake . i'm not drunk okay ?! Nothing special about me turning red . It's common ! :D

Before that hua came over to my place . First time after her first visit ages ago . HHAHAHAHAS . And she actually took a nap while i was trying to sort out the photos for her and burning discs of dramas and photos !

Oh boo , i lost my cute lovely stitch ! The one that clinched onto the strap of my shoulder bag . Now is gone ~~ Abit too late when i found out and a bit slow about it too . Hopefully there's still stocks for me to replace my lost one . If not really sad siaaaa ~~~ (Cries)

Later meeting my new formed clique for the Music Monster Festival in the early morning to grab good seats . Kiasu Singaporeans ? NO ! We are just trying to get a good view to make the trip fruitful , agreeable ? XD

XYZ is freaking driving Yihlin and me mad ! Helping him with his online shop isnt easy . REALLY ! Looking at his replies is like talking to an animal . You wont get the answer that you want but either i dont know or i'm not incharged of this . (Faint)

OHYA ! OHYA ! I FINALLY SEE MAJOLICA MAJORCA IN SINGAPORE ! Actually has been out for sometime . For just being noob , this is my first time seeing it with my naked eyes . And what's best is that i saw it in IMM's Waston ! Convenience for my future makeup spree ! XD Being so sexcited , i bought MJ's lip gloss without making a second thought . Canmake and MJ's makeup products are really love ! Pretty stuff especially MJ's so-royal design . ♡♡♡

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