Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fieldtrip means recording

Yesterday was my first time entering Channel 5's theatre . We got trick by the word " fieldtrip " . Thinking that it will be a useful trip to learn about real life production in Mediacorp's theatre for indoor filming , it ended up to be a recording for a new up coming Channel 5's variety show - Don't forget the Lyrics !

it was a freaking nice experience that i dont want to happen again . All i can say is tiring and alot of waiting . All started before we went into the theatre . We represented SP and recorded a special series . Heard that it will be aired after New Year . Well , the guests were 3 babes from our local entertainment industry . & they are Fiona Xie , Jade Seah & Andrea Fonseka .

Spilted into 3 groups , 2 groups sat at each side of stage where camera gets to shoot at us . And i sat one of the sides . OhMyLollipop , SO PAISEH LAH ! @.@ i cannot hide my face ! ):

i shall not revealed the details of the happenings in the show . Just wait for it to air and you'll know . (: *secret*

And big boo now . Suddenly i feel that i dont have much time to clear my deadlines .

☠ Modelling of plan using Google's SketchUp due tomorrow - before midnight - & the software is still a stranger to me . Furthermore , this is just a HOMEWORK ! *faint*

☠ Returning of camera tomorrow . Which means i must confirm my images to do some work for next week's workcheck .

☠ Acting next Monday in a group but i haven read up and practise the script nor rehearse with my groupmates .

Time is so tight now . Everything just within these 3 days . Adding on , there's a group meeting with DMAT students in the morning .

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~ *Relieve stress*

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