Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28 = 09/30 = My Chinese Birthday

Deepavali was spent at Bavani's house . Thanks for her invitation and nice food ( but spicy lah XD ) .

And my mum told me that today is my Chinese birthday . 30 September dont appear every year on Chinese calendar . Well , i dont know much about this . i shall stick with my 1116 . HEHEHEHEHEHEHS .

Assignments & assignments . Life now for me now is like holiday . Watching videos everyday . Even during lessons . i guess i should quickly get started with assignments . *Talk only but no action*

Mediacorp fieldtrip tomorrow but how i wish it was Channel [V] ~~ ORZ . Nevermind , at least i can see and learn more things on real life production work . Mostly probably i'll blog about it after the trip . (:

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