Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bye my lovely holiday !

New semester starts tomorrow which means today marks the last day of holidays . i still haven gotten enough of shopping and fun . Well , face reality ! Back to school and back to sleepy lessons . Actually after much thinking of my new timetable , its actually quite slack except for the super hardcore Thursday . The rest of the day is either end around noon or start around noon (exclude GEMs) . Just that hours of same lecturers or even same modules make me complain about the timetable . With this new timetable , i think i will think of going shopping (probably alone) after lessons or go for runnings alone before/after lessons (must get myself exercise often or else my life will be totally eat school sleep) . @.@

i know i haven been blogging about events for quite some time . Events like my Japan holiday trip and hua's birthday celebration . i will try to dig out time and post them up .

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