Monday, September 01, 2008


Last Friday was Teacher's Day Celebration . But i didnt go back school to visit the teachers . Instead , i accompanied Chris to get her testimonial and o level certificate . Wahh , unfair sia ! Their's EVERYTHING is filed inside a very formal MOE file ! For my batch , what we got was other than the O level Certificate , everything was filed inside a cheapskate 20 pockets clear folder ! So Unfair ! ):

That day , for almost the whole day was spent in IMM . Before i met Chris , i was already window shopping around . And back to IMM again after going back Secondary School for awhile . Round and round and round the mall , chatting with Chris . i bought shoes & few others little thingy . XD

Min joined us that evening . And we had Ichiban for dinner ! Oishii neh ~!
A table for 4 was filled with our food though there were 3 of us .

- The SUPER SOUR Lime Juice !

We stayed till we were the last customers . All other shops were closed too .

♥ PS
- Harajuku or Odaiba ! ( Of course i hope will be HARAJUKU !)
- Asakusa then Akihabara !

YEAHHHH , Happy Trip ! :D
Hopefully fruitful too ! (Fruitful = Buy alot of stuff XD)

" I WANT TAKE PHOTOS WITH THOSE COOL JAPANESE (Gothic/Harajuku/Himegyru ... blahs) ! "

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