Friday, August 29, 2008

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day soon , and later in the day will be Teacher's Day celebration . Ex-students will be going to their previous education school .

i dont know to go back to my secondary school or not . Everything now seems SO boring ! There's isnt any memory left in the school building cause EVERYTHING has been demolished ! Maybe only the canel left . The place where we often do our running at . Now only left photos to recall back those memories and the "beauty" of the old school building .

For my primary school , i dont think my batch of students are going back . All are going back secondary school . Only juniors are going back . Till now , 6A havent have a proper gathering !!! After 'A' level chalet ? Okay okay ? XD

Now in both Primary and Secondary school , what is the purpose of Teacher's Day ? Majority of our teachers that taught us has left the school . Only a small number who used teach us remains . And the teachers who we wish to look for are no longer in the school . Either change school or no longer teaching . Good teachers are really hard to find now .

Nevertheless , i miss Primary and Secondary school days ! )':

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