Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unbearable Feeling

AHHHHH , i actually wanted to update about the trip to Black Magic (shall not mention what is it first XD) but i accidentally deleted the images i have scanned ! RAHHHHHHHH~

Finally finished watching Thursday and Friday's episode of 模範棒棒堂 (MFBBT) . Sad but i didnt cry cause the whole process was abit 哭笑不得 . Everything was like a wave . When it comes to a sad point , i felt like crying but the next moment they were joking away . (Seriously , i'm also not those who tear easily .) However the down feeling remains unchange .
Last episode will be around next week which is so soon . I REALLY REALLY CANT BEAR TO SEE THEM LEAVE ! They are already part of my life , DDs in MFBBT . & soon , they will be graduating (leaving) for a better future . )':

Honestly , after i received the news that the DDs are REALLY REALLY graduating SOON . i stoned a lot infront of my labtop . And bored at the same time and dont know what to do . i wanna have something to get myself REAL occupied ! Something that interest me .

On a brighter side , after next week Ahh , still another week to go XD , it will be my Japan Trip ! i'm sexcited , at the same time feeling abit uneased . For the first time going overseas without family but with schoolmates and lecturers . So i have to settle everything myself . Hmm , i'm still thinking of which clothes to bring and i havent gotten myself new shoes ! Hopefully soon and not last minute . XD

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