Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heels kill feet

Wearing heels to shopping kills me ! Not because of blisters but because my feet arent used to heels anymore . i havent been wearing heels since ages ago (trying to be exaggerating) ! You know the part of your feet when you tip toe ? They are freaking hurting now ! Walking any mile longer with heels or maybe any shoes/slippers , the next moment i think i will need a wheelchair to move around . That's how badly it hurts ! *hate this feeling*

OhMyLollipop! Yesterday's (Monday) shopping was crazy ! Super crazy ! i got myself more beauty products rather than what i was supposed to buy or the purpose of this shopping trip . No stockings nor any pair of shoes but ♥Canmake nail polish , ♥Canmake lipstick , ♥tender kiss perfume and Watson facial cotton . Nearly a hole in my pocket for that merely 4 items . Hmm , ignore that facial cotton since it is hell cheap . Rah , My mum gonna nag at me again when she finds out (buying unneccessary stuffs) .

Ahhhhh , i REALLY REALLY have to control my expenses ! Not to forget Japan Trip already cost a bomb ! @.@

i'm currently into Canmake products other than The Faceshop . Freak , i have to control myself from the temptation !

hehehehehehs XD

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