Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Save me !

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak !

i'm so STRESS UP !

Why ?

Nothing else but assignments !
*Scolding vulgarities*

Ever since i entered Poly , life is never smooth and easy . TOTALLY LIKE ROLLAR COASTER ! At the high point you feel free from everything , but that will definitely wont last long . THE VERY NEXT MOMENT you will find yourself falling down a steep curve ! That will be the craziest moment ! All the rushing of deadlines and craps .

Crazy freaking deadlines .
Never ending Maya Assignments that freak me out .

Oh , & did i mention that Assignments are often given at around the same timing and ends at almost the same timing ? What the crap is this ?!

We arent supermen nor superwomen . But we are treated like one ! :(

Fish out those who say Poly life is DAMN relax . i dont see the reason to it . Rather , i see the opposite ! Damn NOT relax . SO THOSE WHO WANNA ENTER POLY , i'm saying right to your face ! Poly is not as relax as you expected ! Though there are activities that are really fun , you still have to face your freaking damn modules that drives you crazy ! No use having fun activities when you have no time for it right ?!

i'm still left with nearly ONE & A HALF years before i graduate ! Time do flies really fast for me now unlike when i was in Secondary School , i find days passes damn damn sloooooooow . & i wanna graduate with at least an ability to get a job ! Or maybe not so soon .

i'm trying to know my stuffs but they are freaking hard and many for my hell damn STM ! For what i can do now is START MY FREAKING ASSIGNMENTS EARLY !

& did you notice ASSIGNMENTS starts with an ASS ?
i'm implying nothing , just that a so random question .

WHY IS MY COURSE FILLED WITH MAYA ?! THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECT ! The description given for the course and option is way so WRONG WRONG WRONG ! They should have mentioned that main focus will be on 3D using the so-godly-precious MAYA software !

Well , people like me got mistaken for it . & know what now ?
SP now provides MORE media courses that i would prefer to take up . Instead of all these Maya craps that make me struggle .

its all between (the benefits of) being born earlier or later .

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