Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sundown Marathon 2008

i'm back from the Sundown Marathon after sleeping for hours .

Long tiring night ended finally and i think it was at least better than Standard Chartered since everyone gathered and helped out mainly at one venue unless being asked to help out at other stations . But still in groups . (:

Hua and I were super late , but not as late as Moonkian . XD So we had to get to Changi Beach on our own . Our job is really simple . All we had to do was to draw circle on the finish-running runners' tags then passed them their medals . Really simple but tiring . Imagine doing the same thing for over thousands of runners .

The relay was first to start . And our task ended at around 10pm for relays only . So we had sort of a long break which lasted about 3hours when the champion of the 42km reached the finishing line . (The race started at 12am)

- My boredom led me to this .

- The top 3 for 42km were being interviewed . One of the guys is being blocked by the boxes of bananas in this photo .

The champion of the 84km was damn super fast okay ! In the mist of giving our medals to the 42km runners (who ran for about 3 hours ?) , he came running towards the finishing line ! Which means he ran for about 2 hours plus or something around there .

OH-MY-LOLLIPOP ! Can you believe it ?!

2 hours plus for 84km ! Not 8.4km BUT 84 km without any decimal point ! That is a super long journey , which runners had to run 2 rounds of the 42km run .

Did he actually run or fly ? But he sure to have a freaking super duper damn good stamina and speed .

i was sleepy as my eyes were closing . Closed my eyes , and started sleeping ON A CHAIR . But the next moment was awaken up cause there was a slight drizzling . When we were trying to move all things into the shelter , the rain gets heavier . ):

The place become sooooooooo squeezy . The number of 42 km runners who completed started to increase till a long queue was seen . Runners and more runners and they were drenched . Few tried to stay inside the shelter due to the rain but were asked by officials to move to somewhere else .

Rain stops as the sun starts to rise .

Here's some unedited (which means i did not edit the color , brightness and contrast of the photos) sun rise photos i have taken .

The sunrise is pretty nice , so does my photography skills . HAHAHS .

- i like this photo . (:

- i like this photo too . it has nice reflection on the clear blue sea . (:

Awww ~ i miss photography trip ! ):

- Hardworking ones were still out there waiting to pass the runners their medals .

Subway was on the house ! They came to our shelter with boxes of subway bread . Everyone took their share and ate happily . And became livelier too . (:
That saved our money for breakfast . HEHEHS .

The runners are REALLY REALLY GREAT !
Congrats to all runners ! You have achieved your Impossible ! (:
To think that 42 km and 84 km are so impossible , but you guys did it ! With thousands over of participation too ! (:

3 Cheers for yourself , Runners !

Gosh ! i haven complete my drawing or to be specific my shading for my tomorrow's makeup lessons ! Argh . Why must there be a makeup lesson ?! Freak .

Here's a Personality Test . Try it . No harm . (:

Highlight over it to see my results but before that , try it yourself !

horse, tiger, sheep, pig, cow [ quite a nice arrangement ! (: ]

dog - cute [? i got no comments .]
cat - cute [? i got no comments .]
rat - disgusting [Agree .]
coffee - nice [WTH ?]
sea - salty

yellow - huiyun
orange - peng
red - chris
white - hua
green - min


- END -

Before i end , i'll show you guys something I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G .

1 - What if you are tired and sleepy and have no chairs to sit on and you only have empty boxes around ?

Answer: Sit inside the box and start to sleep ! (:

- Why Hweesheng's hands must tangle up until like this to sleep ? Wont it feel uncomfortable ? O.o

2 - What if you have a chair but nothing to lean on ?

Answer: Lean on a nearby pole .

CSCC people really do have interesting and creative sleeping posture . HEHEHS .

Argh . i cant go to bed now , instead i have to do my shading ! ):

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