Friday, June 06, 2008

i cant help but keep smiling to myself

All thanks to Lunar for giving me this opportunity to participate in Lollipop's event ! *Hugs&kisses* i'm in a super HIGH mood !

i cant believe i'm going to meet Lollipop soon ! Next week , Next week ! & i feel like doing something maybe for them or jiayou ban but something simple and creative !

Any idea ?

Anyway , i have to go and get the tickets either next tuesday or wednesday between 12pm - 5pm before my opportunity flies into other people's hands ! 4 tickets just enough for me , Jiaying , Yiping and her friend . (:

i'm now too high to blog more ! For further updates , please wait till my heart and mind settle down . HEHEHES .

OHYA ! Lollipop has booked me on the 14 June , so i announce I'M NOT FREE ON THAT DAY ! HAHAHAHS ! XD

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