Sunday, June 08, 2008

Four more days to meet Lollipop

There's a submission tomorrow but have yet to complete it ! All because of Maya !


But still i have to try my best and solve whatever problem i have ! ):

Cheer for me ! :D

05 June 2008 , Thursday

On that day , i went to Chinatown and i saw a "Tamil star" & guess what's next ?!

i took a photo with her !


That's Hua lah ! She was doing photoshoot in Tamil's outfit for Paraathi's friend . & the whole photoshoot took up the whole afternoon and evening !

Arrived at a shop with Min , Hua , Paraathi and her friend .

After mingling for sometime , the "incharge" has finally arrived to direct the models . Prepared everything which includes make up and dressing up .

After that , start of the photoshoot in a restaurant - Dallas .

- Tasty Chicken is Yummy ! (:

Everything wasnt that professional as i thought . It was super budget and the shots doesnt have the photoshoot feel . Simply more of plain photography , like how you take with a normal digital camera . Hopefully it will turn out better after editing .

Night time was spent shopping in Novena Square's Cotton On . & i got myself a new light green cardigan . It costs only $7.50 ! Super Oh-My-Lollipop lah ! The prices are all dropping lower and lower .

06 June 2008 , Friday

Back to school again but this time was for Jeanine Lim's extra lesson on camera techniques - Dolly and Crane .

i arrived in school early to get help for my Maya . Though one problem (smoke) is solved but there's still another one (egg yolk) . But still , Thanks Veesheng !

Jeanine's lesson was quite tiring .

Imagine yourself fixing the equipments like how you do your puzzles . Plus the equipments arent that light !

Dolly :

Crane :

Too high to see the camera screen and turn the camera ?

There's a remote control to turn the camera and a small screen .


After the whole lesson , my production group went to rakee for filming locations from Douby Ghaut to City Hall . We found few suitable locations but before we start filming , we have to get permission first .

That night i went over to Bugis Street to find Peng . & i finally bought the dress i wanted . Peng bought 3 shirts from her shop for Me , Hua and Min . Thanks Peng ! (:

- This is the (mini) dress i bought (:

Pearl white and golden little round circle stickers turn my new hard disk into this :

- Quite hard to decorate with the logo at the center (left side) there .

Tell me it's nice ! (:

06 June 2008 , Friday

YESYESYES ! i finally met up with my dear primary classmate , Huiyun ! i haven been seeing her for MONTHS ! She's always busy with schoolwork !

& we chatted quite alot !

Seriously i miss primary school days ! & probably 6A gathering + chalet this year end before some of the guys enter NS .

I find the effects is good . Especially the sound effects which will totally bring you awake even when you are feeling sleepy . Overall is a nice thrilling movie .

But one thing i dont understand is why must Peter always called for a war and then when he saw that his fellow Narnians were losing or were going to lose , he would call them to fall back . He should plan probably .

Donut Factory's donuts are always tempting me ! The donuts are so soft unlike other donuts .

This time i ate two ! So Yummy-licious lo !

♥ P/S :
i think i will be nervous when i meet Lollipop . Cause is like meeting your idol which you never think you will meet so soon !

♥♥ P/S :
i'm gonna be broke soon if i continue spending like nobody's business ! ):

Buh-bye !
* Continuing my long long journey to meet my dearest Lollipop *

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