Monday, May 19, 2008


For the past few days , i have been enjoying myself , with wonderful food too ! & i enjoyed as if is a holiday and there isnt any assignment for me to rush . Like so relax lo ! But seriously , i have tons of assignments to be completed by next week . This will sure fill up my days with busy-ness .

Alrights , i shall start updating my days starting from last tue ...

♥ 13 MAY 2008 , TUESDAY

i met Jiaying after school to get birthday present for Rachel at IMM . i took 105 over and that was when i met this nice old aunty who actually asked me twice if i would like to have a seat . ( She took up both seats but is okay since she was kind enough to ask ) She didnt actually ask but did a signal instead .

In IMM , coincidently met some of my CSCC clique ( hua , nathan , hweesheng and kiantiong ) . ( Seto joined them not long after . )

In the end , Jiaying and i bought a Kuromi for Rachel . Hope she likes it ! :)

After that i went to eat Ajisen with my CSCC clique . i didnt eat much O.o as my mum bought my dinner .

♥ 14 MAY 2008 , WEDNESDAY

it was girls' day cum Kellyn's Birthday Celebration . Honestly , after knowing for like 1 year plus , this was the very FIRST TIME we went out together .


Celebrating Kellyn's birthday , there's sure to have a present for her ! We got her a COOL present - Vouchers !

Are our self-made vouchers cool ? :)

We had Suki Sushi for our lunch+dinner meal at Cineleisure . AND IS A BUFFET !

There's different sushi for our grabs !

♥ I LOVE SUSHI !!! ♥
& i ate alot in the restaurant ! :)

♥ i find this photo way soooo COOL ! *GRINS*

And a group photo before we left ! ♥

i want to show EVERYONE my new piano ! VERY COOL !


MY PIANO ! Cute right ? So MINI !

( of course is not my piano lah , just saw it randomly in the Toys' Section in Takashimaya ! )

♥ 15 MAY 2008 , THURSDAY

Together with hua , we went hunting for nice pink top to meet up with Rachel's birthday celebration theme ! Our hunt started at Jurong Point where we met Jiaying .

Next was Bugis but Jiaying didnt come along . We went over to peng's previous workplace before having dinner and hunting for pink top . Really been ages since i last bought a pink outfit . XD

Other than a pink top , i bought a new pair of shoes too ! & I LOVE IT ! :D i saw many nice pretty top and dresses . i'm now tempted for more shopping sprees ! But where's my free/leisure time ?

The rest of the time was spent slacking in peng's previous work place .

i've bought this pretty dress from peng but i haven paid nor collected from her . Probably soon ! :) New dress to my wardrobe ! WHEEEEEEE ~ ! Thanks to my DAD ! :D

Ohya , i'm really thankful to my mum ! Cause that day i forgot to bring out my phone and only found out when i was reaching school in my dad's car . & i called my mum telling her to pass me my phone during my breaktime . She did ! DAMN that lecturer ! He released us late . Which means , my mum waited for quite some time .

This make me recall my primary times . Whenever i forgot to bring this or that , i would call home and my mum would always (cycle ?) bring it to me . :D

♥ 16 MAY 2008 , FRIDAY

Hmms , 16 MAY , what day is it ? IT'S RACHEL'S BIRTHDAY DAY ! :D

Rachel , Thanks for all the treats ! Hope you enjoy yourself ! :)

Pink Gang was out that night . DID YOU SAW THEM WHEN YOU WERE IN ORCHARD ?! They were out for a mission ! That was to celebrate Rachel's birthday ! :)

Movie was our first activity . We watched " What Happens in Vegas " . The movie was okay . Just that my mind is filling too much of CGs . ):

Dinner was held in Mariott Hotel .

YUMMY FOOD ! *Drooling*
The mango icecream is sooooooo sour !!! it totally doesnt taste like mango ! :(

- Jiaying and i did this for Rachel ! :)

The ex-yuanching students covering parts of our body/face parts . XD


Then we proceeded back to the hotel room at Hyatt .

its a good choice to place the shoes at the doorway instead of walking around still with shoes on .


Later on that night , they played blind mice . i didnt join them as i was watching 模範棒棒堂 & 我愛黑色會 using Jiaying's labtop ! XD

i fell asleep while watching ' Notebook ' . Alright , & i snored ! ):
Next day while watching ' The Millionaire's first love ' i fell asleep too and snored too . ):

At that time , not many were left in the hotel .

Lunch-ed at McDonald . Then , Rachel , Jiaying , hua and me went to watch ' Made of Honor ' . Seriously , i was too tired then that i went on and off , struggling to keep myself awake too . So i didnt really watch the whole movie with understanding . ):

P/S -
i dont understand for what reason to do such prank . Taking life so easily like is so worthless that you can play with it . Please stop the childishness and get a life .

i shall end my post with photos of me wearing pink !

Excited to see ? XD

Here you gooooooooo !

*SWEAT* What a long post ! :)

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