Friday, September 20, 2013


After completing this (musical) drama, I would say this is one of the worst drama I ever watched. Honestly, the storyline is exciting but somehow it just left viewers, or is it only me, with a quiz. It ended as if it is going to have a season 2 to continue the story with but the amount of questions left unanswered is too many. Personally, I felt that even if dramas are going to have a season 2, they should not include too many unnecessary information when they are not going to answer it till season 2. It would have left a bad impression for the viewers. After all, it is still a drama. Now I hope that there will be a season 2 to clear the doubts otherwise it will seriously be a worse drama ever.

Spoiler ahead!

Till the last second in the final episode, the drama seems to be telling me about a love relationship journey of a pop star and nothing else. Two competition in a drama? So, Color Bar lost the first and how about the second competition? It was left for viewers to guess. But, I thought it is alright if it is going to be answered in Season 2 and leave it as something to look forward to. However, this is not the only question left unanswered.
  • How did Min Se-Yi and Yoon Sul-Chan's relationship move on? They have not been looking like a pair throughout the drama. Jung Sun-Woo seemed to be still in between them even though Min Se-Yi and Yoon Sul-Chan were seen sitting together at the very last scene.

  • Did Min Se-Yi's mum and dad's friend found out that she knew the truth of her dad's death?

  • Why did Ma Joon-Hee ask Min Se-Yi to remember his name? Is there a purpose to it?

  • Ma Hyo-Rin said that she wants Yoon Sul-Chan to be hers but she only tried to catch his attention once by winking. Eh? What's next?

  • Cha Do-Nam and Park Kyu-Dong looked like they are interested in Kim Na-Na. Did I perceive wrongly? Yes? No?

  • The media people have realized Han Ji-Woong is J.Han, a well-known songwriter in the past. What's next? He seems to be continuing hiding inside his house as usual. So, what's the use of having such a big character?

  • The form teacher is Min Se-Yi's aunt. Seriously, not a single one in school finds out about it or anything interesting happened between the two? Otherwise, what is the purpose of arranging it like this? There isn't any special interaction, like any random people could act as Min Se-Yi's aunt.

  • After Min Se-Yi's mum moved in, the aunt gradually stopped appearing in the house. Did she moved out? She did mention that it was time for her to find a new location to stay but it seemed more likely that she disappeared than moved out. At the same time, she continued to appear as a teacher. So what is the purpose of having an aunt as a teacher?

Seriously, I feel that there have been too many focus in the drama till the main highlight has gone. The story was supposed to be focusing on this particular group of people who called themselves 'Color Bar ' but there has been too many other roles and information tagging along. It would also be great if they have removed Ma Joon-Hee and Ma Hyo-Rin's "flirting" scenes since they are not part of Color Bar. Furthermore, love triangle has been complicated enough and now a love pentagon? As for being a musical drama, songs are being sung as an expression of the current situation which I have nothing to pick about. I have to admit that the actors and actresses have great voices. It was really enjoying to hear them sing (though I fast forward most of the time hahahaha but there are really scenes where they sang really well and captured my attention).

Honestly, this drama could have been exciting till the end if the storyline was longer and better arranged. For now, it is a disappointment. Or, is this a new thing to make viewers excited and expecting something to happen but nothing happened so it can be a "non-typical" drama?

Lastly, what does the title 'Monstar' mean to the drama?

P/S: While watching the drama, I couldn't help to think that Yong Jun-Hyung (Beast) looks like 模範棒棒堂's 牙膏 (mo fan bang bang tang's ya gao). Anyone else think so too?

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  1. Let's ask for a second season from Mnet and tvN by sending messages to them :) I have sent a message to explain my wish along with some unsolved stuffs from Monstar ending to Mnet Facebook. They replied that they haven't made decision to produce season 2 and will announce in the future. Then, we can have a hope.