Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally a free soul

What a nice surprise from blogger with the new permanent layout ! =.= it's so white and spacious that i didn't like it . it seems everything scattered everywhere . But nevertheless ...


FREE FROM SCHOOL but not literally due to the upcoming showcase . But at least free from the stress of gradings ! Got my marks but not satisfied . Actually the grade was kind of expected due to my last minute rushing . SIGH ! ):

Photos taken earlier and also yesterday which i spent with my classmates while waiting for results . Nice day and bonding session with them ... FOR THE FIRST TIME ! >×<

⋙ Nth also visit RJ for papers ! hehehe . (Found this on 3rd copy of Nth magazine .)

⋙ New stud rings . The single stud ring is too big even for my thumb ! ):

⋙ My set-up for assessment !

⋙ Part of the room .

⋙ First time having finger rings !

⋙ Guitar Hero !

⋙ Crazy fan outside our room with the half of us playing Guitar Hero .

⋙ Toot-toot train massage session !
⋙ Spent the rest of the afternoon at Outdoor Bar/Cafe .

⋙ DSA having exhibition in my school ! Spotted few familiar faces who joined my club's activities before .

⋙ For our dear lecturer ! She really made all of us improve a lot and even understand our mistakes !

⋙ Concept of the poster .

⋙ Initially the plan was to thank for her hard work and great assistance but end up it seemed like a birthday celebration .

⋙ Dinner just now with mum and bro .

So happy that i finally have time to blog !!!! And i also wanna revamp my blog layout and design ! Getting messier ! ):

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