Friday, October 07, 2011

Simple Call&SMS

This app i'm introducing now is a simple/very basic and cute free app for us to quick message or call numbers we often need . Example family and close friends' whom we always in contact with but feel troublesome to scroll through the long list of numbers to find their names , we can use this app !

▲ 5 page with 6 contact space = 30 numbers only !

But the design is cute right ? hehehehe .

▲ This is the page where you add your family/friend's number .

☆ Click on 'Contacts' to choose a number from your address book .
☆ Add a photo of the person's face .
☆ Insert a note if you need/want to take note of anything .

And that's all for the app ! Seriously basic and nothing complicated while having something cute in your iphone ! ^∀^

* There's a paid version but the difference is only the advertisement banner will be removed .

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