Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bookmarking with GimmeBar

it's a new bookmarking website (still on beta mode) which you can basically store everything you like or wants to take note of from the net . Even videos and texts ! i think it's freaking awesome cause i can now store whatever i want and also to see all of them visually compared to seeing all my bookmarks in texts on my browser . If you have realize , after bookmarking sites , most of the time we will end up neglecting it cause we have forgot what is it about - end up a messy bookmark bar .

So probably , Gimmebar can be solution for you . ^^

New Gimme Bar Demo from Gimme Bar on Vimeo.

Here is mine , in case you are wanna see how each user's page will look like after bookmarking . You can choose to bookmark things privately in a private collection which of course it won't be revealed to people .
Have fun bookmarking ! hehehehe .

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