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Taiwan Trip: Day 5 Tofu Street to Taipei

On day 5 , before we headed towards Taipei , we went to 深坑 (Shen Keng) which is also known as Tofu Street .

So basically is a place everywhere selling tofu !

But tour guide told us something about buying tofu from there . i forgot what exactly the sellers will do but roughly is about them selling non-freshly cooked tofu (something like trying to sell those day before unsold ones ?) .

So is safer to get from a more recognized stalls like more to the outside/main road .

▲ We got from this stall . There's flavors to choose !

We didn't get to walk down further , so we only went there to eat tofu ! =.=

▲ i think this was taken at the place we had lunch which i have no idea where is it . Cause our meals are often at a random location . =.=

i think we visited a pottery shop before heading towards Taipei . No photos at all and i also don't know why . Maybe i was practically freezing that my fingers went numb , so i didn't have the mood to take some shots . #heavyraininwinter


Neo19 ! *Memories*


▲ During first trip , i went over there with friends to Room18 . Virgin clubbing experience at overseas ! hehehehe .

Actually on a larger and closer view of the photo can see 'Room 18' on the directory ! And that's the directory where helped us to find the club ! We actually searched round and round the area to just find the club ! #typicaltourists


Another advertisement/banner ! >艸<

& yes , this is our first stop when back in Taipei - 中正紀念堂 ( Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang) ! My first time there cause during first trip we last minute stroke it off in order to save some time to visit better place like getting the best pineapple tarts and tai yang bing (different stores) !

Okay , back to topic ! This place is basically nothing much other than taking photos as an evidence of ' I WAS HERE ' !

Seriously a flock of birds ! Flying off together and landing again together ! But beautiful scene ! ^^

Close up is like typical pigeons you see in Singapore ! #nothingspecial

Then then then , we rushed to 忠烈祠 (Zhong Lie Ci) for "show" of soldiers changing shift !

Human behind barricades !

Human statue ! Talk to them and they will just ignore you ! But i think they are really damn powderful (powerful) - stand like a statue for hours !

i wonder what happen if they feel itchy somewhere and is itchy like hell .

*wriggle wriggle wriggle*

Wahahahaha okay i know i'm damn bad !

Actually , in fact , we should respect them for their effort towards their country like how our soldiers work hard for our country . it's disrespectful to irritate . Sooooo , *SALUTE* ! ヽ(*’-^*)。

"Show" ended , and we headed towards 士林 (Shihlin) area but not to the night market first . Driving further down , we went to see the house of a historical person .

This mansion is now empty and strictly closed to outsiders ! But they are considering to exhibit it to outsiders . So , all we can do is STAND OUTSIDE THE GATE & TAKE PHOTO ! #typicaltourist

Read it if you want about this mansion ! ▼

(Click here for enlarged version)

▲ The car the owner of mansion drove . it's an imported car !

Information of the car ▼

(Click here for enlarged version)

We did make a short visit to 士林夜市 (Shihlin Night Market) and the 'short' i mean is seriously short ! About an hour ? But me and my mum got a big bag of bags from a shop instead of joining the long queue for 豪大雞排 (hao da ji pai) . Cause i was there before , so i already targeted the shop ! hehehehe .

BUT , i won't go any further about this night market first . i will update about it as day 6 cause i spent more than there during the night of day 6 ! A more detailed post about Shihlin Night Market !

Steamboat for dinner ! At a random and ulu location again ! =.= Each person will have either a small pot or half a big pot to themselves ! Eat till shiok but not a lot of variety !

i miss eating 金針菇 (Enoki Mushroom) till shiok ! Cause now it will just get itself hook around my braces causing discomfort while eating ! SADDED TTM !!! π꒢π

Then booked in hotel for a good rest .

i forgot which hotel we were in but it was the next morning i realize Chia Te Bakery and 饒河夜市 (Rao He Night Market) is NEARBY ! Wasted night and we didn't leave the hotel for anywhere . Zzzzzz .

And fyi , Chia Te Bakery sells the best 鳳梨酥 (Pineapple tarts) !!! DAMN AWESOME !!! If you don't like pineapple , there's also a big range of flavors to choose from !

Address : 105台北市南京東路5段88號
Opening hours : AM7:30~PM9:30

Tour guide didn't bring us there but another shop where he can earn profits ! And the pineapple tarts not as nice as Chia Te's ! ´꒢`

And 饒河夜市 (Rao He Night Market)'s 排骨湯 (Pork rib soup) is heavenly ! DAMN NICE !!! it's one of the highlights in this night market other than 胡椒餅 (hu jiao bing/ pepper puff ?) .

Totally can't wait to revisit Taiwan/Taipei to eat those awesome and cheap food again ! Anyhow , next post gonna about Taipei again ! More interesting than this post !!! hehehe .

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