Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Night

Since Stella mentioned she would bring out her DSLR during our date so i suggested why not we come out with a theme . #actuallyisidontknowwhattowear And we agreed with Summer theme since it's the season now .

♠ My summer nails - CANMAKE × THEFACESHOP !
Due to bad light , the orange nails should be dark pink .

Chiffon Blouse from Bugis Street
Denim shorts from Cotton On
Brown Wedges from Bugis Street
Liz Lisa inspired bag from Cheesetoufu

And of course , not to forget , must take photos together with Stella too ! (^ɜ^)ゞ♥♥♥

This post has yet ended , there's still my crazy retarded camwhore photos back home . hahahahaha ^艸^

Leopard frame / Wakatsuki Chinatsu (WC) inspired specs from Cheesetoufu

i suppose many hasn't heard of Cheesetoufu , an online store which i have mentioned in this post . it's actually a new online store created by my friend , Christina , recently . She will be doing sprees providing a low spree rate (or may even be the lowest rate you'll find on the net) . Not only sprees , she will also be handpicking items (uncommonly found in Singapore) for preorders at a reasonable price .

If you are a fan of gyaru style (Popteen , VIVI , etc) or Western labels (Forever21 , ASOS ,etc) , the more you should -

おやすみ〜 ♥

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