Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombby is alive again

Who says private school is so easy to pass off ?! i'm leading a hectic life worse than when i'm in poly ! Holy crap ! And i notice in poly teach > doing assignments , but now is the other way round , teach < doing assignments ! To make my life worse , it's only the FIRST semester ! Whenever i hear the song " i dont care " by 2NE1 , i wish i can dont care and dump my assignments aside but i cant ! FMLTTM ! i used to have extra time to blog but now my blog is almost DEAD !

i've got no life now ! i cant wait for holidays to come ! i want all these shits to end fast and give me my certificate !

⤷ ZOMBBY (zombie+rabby) . FML !

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  1. boinggG~ xD hopping by to stalk chiu! teeheeheehee!!!!