Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photography is fun

▲ Taken at Scape Youth Park

i have been snapping photos these two days for Creative Photography module . For just only homework , am i wasting too much time on it ? i've still got a pile of tasks to complete ! Oh well ! What's done is already done ! At least , i enjoy snapping awayyyyy all day long . ≧∀≦

P1080007 copy

i've been borrowing DSLR to use these day as i couldn't capture to meet lecturer's requirement with my Panasonic FZ-35 . i have used the school's Nikon D70 and classmate Fellicia's Canon 550D . OMG ! DSLR is so tempting !!! But it's gonna be crazy if i get it soon as i just gotten my camera this January . (´꒢`)

Anyhow , i re-watched this video . it's so nice to see all the smiles on faces again . it was an happy event . This year , it isn't gonna be the same again as our two lovely friends wouldn't/won't be there . One has migrated to Canada , another _____________ (don't feel like mentioning) ... BUT !!! i believe the spirit of spreading the LOVE will never die ! Let's spread the love on behalf of them ! ⁀∀⁀〳♥

﹕i've also been updating my photo blog . Check it out and do leave me feedback be it negative or positive ! ♡♡♡(●^⍵^●)♡♡♡

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