Sunday, July 18, 2010

Farewell Hamster !

Farewell to Jiaying was last week , so this is rather a late post . She is now already in Australia for her further studies . And she's gonna be there for two years with vacations in between which she will fly back here .

So last Tuesday , Rachel , Serena , Weilin and me had a farewell dinner with Jiaying at Suki-ya in Marina Square . Steamboooaaaatttt ~~
▲ 美味しい ~~

▲ Toilet always seems to be gal's favourite hangout place for camwhoring . But it stinks !

Long time no see and gonna be no see for long time , it's a must to snap more photos . Seeking for location to camwhore , we ended up walking further and further towards Marina Bay Sands . i think i'm gonna be sick and tired of seeing the building soon , but don't mind if visiting the buildings (as in walking around INSIDE) .

▲ This board has successfully cheated me !!! i thought why so many people crowding there when i was still a distance away from it .

▲ Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre . A place for tai-tai ! Me no money , so i can only walk-and-look when the shops are fully opened . SAD LIFE !

Two days later , which was Thursday , is the officially day for Jiaying to fly over to a foreign land ! Boohoohooooooo ~~

▲ Jiaying already cried before checking in . At the departure gate , she cried again . Seriously , she made me feel like crying too !!! But i was controlling myself ! Serena and Weilin too .

And now , she's on another island . 頑張って for your studies , HAMSTER ! ♥

Honestly , this is my first time sending off friend at airport ! Not a good feeling . (丅∩丅)

「QOTD」 ★☆★
"Let's break the cycle and find a new world . The faith is in your soul ."
- quoted from OverDose's 《反轉世界》 lyrics

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