Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy pom pi pi

Oh-yea-oh ~ i'm blogging with chunks of photos again . Last Thursday , we really did spam shoot loads of stupid photos . hahaha .

That day was a tiring day for me and Lizann . We walked a lot as if we were doing a walking exercise in Bukit Timah Hill . Let's see what we have been to :

(Met up at) City HallSuntec CityCity HallBras BasahRaffles HotelRaffles CityMarina SquareEsplanadeFlyersHelix BridgeMarina Square → (Home sweet home from) City Hall

OMG ! This looks totally like playing station games , walking through so many "stations" .

New lesson learnt for dining at Waraku :
NEVER order pizza unless you have small appetite .

Not that i want to speak negatively , Waraku is my current favourite dining restaurant . I LOVE THEIR SOUP PASTA ! 超美味しいですね ~ 

We took some normal shots before we went crazzzzzzy with those wall arts in Marina Square .

There's actually more than these but i'm too lazy to actually compile all . Then we proceeded to Esplanade and then to Popeyes at flyers for a break .

i'm wanna eat Popeyes soon , anyone ?

Helix bridge was next before we ended the day . For scenery shots , you can view them here .

Friday's night was Nathan's birthday celebration at Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant located in the ulu Turf Club . Not only ulu , the buffet was EXPENSIVE !!! And , Irene and i got cheated in ordering Ice Lemon Tea . We joined the dinner late and the guys didn't tell us anything . Rahhhhh

We couldn't just let the birthday boy shook his legs to past this special day , so the guys got him re-lighting candles for his teeny weeny cup of birthday cake . And i was nice enough to record the process down . HAHAHA .

Here are the few screenshots :

And the video goes on of him trying hard to blow out the candles which seemed never ending .

The expensive receipt ╮(╯▽╰)╭

And this is what i saw the next day on facebook (and what i would see if i read daily newspapers) :

(Taken from Chongyan's facebook album)

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