Friday, May 28, 2010

Bunny ears and big rock bow

i've been wanting to do a noticeboard/bulletin board (whatever you call it) to paste all my post-its and important stuffs that i dont wanna lose . If i just buy a bulletin board from Daiso , it will sure look damn boring and typical . And then , i got inspired by this blogger .

i already had my materials for quite some time but was rather lazy to start , and finally last night i got my ass out of the chair , away from my labtop and started diy-ing .

↑↑ Still in process but board for post-its is done .

And finally ...

↑↑ Top part (ears) for clipping papers while the bottom (bow) for slapping post-its on .

Note: If arrangement is the other way round (clipping papers on the bottom area while post-its on the top) , big papers will crash on to the cabinet unless the board is hung on the wall with sufficient space below . Since post-its are always small , it is best to have the section on the bottom area .

Last but not least , here's another DIY i've done quite some time back ↓↓

Yea , a tissue box cover ! (^ ∀ ^)ノ

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