Monday, December 28, 2009

LTC 09/10

Even though LTC started on a Friday and ended on a Monday , i managed to stay from Friday's night till GP's dinner on Sunday , giving up my weekend break (ITP currently ! ぐˉロˉ ) .

Day two was at Singapore Botanic Garden . Heavy rain with minor lightning and thunderstorm . i seriously thought this activity should be canceled and proceed on to the backup plan . Safety comes first , applies to everyone . Anyone could catch a cold or fall sick at anytime .

Anyway , i dont find this camp a Leadship Training Camp , rather more like Connection Camp or maybe FO Camp . GPs arent strict to them , instead , treating them more like kids . Though we cant be strict to them throughout , but at least when there is a need to since the purpose of this camp is to train leaders-to-be not any bonding camp . We should get them show their leadership qualities instead of experiencing like any other camps .

And i thought GPs should be MORE ZAI to show the campers and at the same time to bring up the spirit in camp ? This spirit seems to be losing out ! Camp is like getting more and more ZZZ . Gosh , we really really need to do something about this ! (@~@) Oh ya , and please be more initiative to clean up the mess , not back to bunk and sleep !

Alrights , i've got one last camp to attend before i graduate ! Hopefully GPs and campers are SUPER ZAI like i used to experience especially my year one FOC . DAMN AWESOME !

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