Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beautiful Rock★

FT Island is back in Singapore again . They arrived on Thursday night and currently still in Singapore for tomorrow's Seoul'd Out concert at Fort Canning . i cant believe i actually car-chased this two days ! Much fruitful compared to the previous time i saw them at Changi Airport . ε(︶∀︶)з

Rehearsal was today and i went down after work , at the same time waiting for Yijun and her friends . Fort Canning is located at a freaking ulu place ! DAMN ! And i could not watch the rehearsal performance right in front of the stage . Though there's another location to watch the front view , i continued sitting at the side of backstage ALONE . So , i managed to see Jaejin wanting to visit the toilet . ㄟ(>∀<)っ ROFL ! But i end up spending a long time trying to see the face . Pardon me , it was pretty dark there ! Also , i managed to see two members from Brown-eyed Girls when they walked past me ! i was still sitting at the same position when i saw Jaejin .

T-max sang and i was still in another world . Nevermind , free LIVE music ! (>ρq<)

Back to hotel , something happened to SeungHyun . And i REALLY hope fans (of anyone) to keep their hands to themselves ! Unless handshake is allowed ! Otherwise , oh please ! They are humans with feelings and temper too ! What you dont like them to do to you , NEVER do to them ! You just piss them off badly ! And nothing proud to be happy about .

I REALLY HAD AN AMAZING DAY TODAY ! Actually , i never thought i would go such an extent for K-singers . But i still prefer J-singers ! HEHEHE ♡

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