Thursday, July 30, 2009

i miss those 'fighting' day


Yesterday last minute decision to help out with Poly50 ! And that was only my first and last time helping out . Quite slack , and i managed to watch about half the race ? Ohmygod , i got sooooo tempted to run ! And i seriously miss the days with my 4e2 team ! The days where we fought hard like the runners . To me , the medals we had won mark down our hardwork and also reflect the wonderful memories we shared in 4e2 . But if ask me to sprint like before , i think cant ! i havent felt the wind from running for very long ... Stamina has been slacking since netball training ended ? And that's in the year 2006 ! After FYP , i'm going to train hard for NAPFA ! Train stamina and lose weight , HA !

The only photo taken during Poly50 ! With Edwin , Hua and Rachel .
OHYA ! i also saw quite a number of ex-YuanChing schoolmates running ! (:

The remaining two weeks plus gonna sucks like hell . Other than FYP submission , i still have Motion-tracking submission , Demoreel (Portfolio) submission , GEMs submission ! All within the days ! This is mad crazy !!!!!!! Especially FYP is such an important assignment ! Just pray hard everything goes on smoothly .

BOTY Asia Final this Saturday and hopefully Dragon's hand has recovered . He's arriving Singapore TODAY with his team , Formosa ! Chunk's coming too ! :D Gonna cheer for them this Saturday ! Hope they win the Asia Championship ! Y(^_^)Y

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