Sunday, April 12, 2009

FOWeekend Activity 09/10

OhMyLollipop ! i didnt know she's Selina's sister after watching 5 episodes of 終極三國 ! i've heard news of Selina's sister entering Entertainment Industry but never gone a step further to check out who she was until i watched 8 April's 娛樂百分百 !

♥ Selina - 任家萱 !

And here's her younger sister !

i think she looks damn pretty in the drama !

♥ A photo taken when their dad released a book ?
任容萱 doesnt look attractive here ~

Alright enough of celebrities' stuffs ...

Yesterday was FO Weekend Activity 09/10 . The rain ruined the fun and enjoying games . Campers ended up having to stay indoors after completing about 3 stations during station games . i think they didnt play versus games , did they ?

Anyhow , the day seemed to be quite slack . i stationed with WeiChuan and JunWei . And we were damn slacky since our station is at our HQ , Emerald Pavilion . OhGoody ! Everything stopped after the third group due to the heavy rain . Ahhhh , i havent gotten enough of the human muah chee !!! LOL ~ Raining was quite a looooooong period . So some last minute indoor activities were created for the campers to brainstorm and enjoy .

After rain stopped , i only remember myself whole day long at the seaside helping out with water bombs ! And playing with the sand while waiting for more plastic bags . During our last shot of doing water bombs , everyone chionged even when rain started falling ! WOOOO ~ And i got pretty wet with stupid salty seawater - made my eyes uncomfortable !

Time to play water bombs ! WOOOO but VIOLENT !!! SUPER VIOLENT LIKE RIOTS ! Especially with salty seawater and sand flying around . Nevertheless , the campers enjoyed themselves . :D

When everything ended , i didnt bathe . i just wet myself , with my clothes on , under clean water ! Simply just to get rid all the sand and seawater that were irritating me . Shopped awhile at Vivo City's Daiso with Wenjing and ZhanWang . i think Vivo's Daiso sells quite alot of good stuffs compared to IMM's . (: Well , actually i intended to have dinner with them after that but ended up too tired and lazy , so i went home first .

And now , i noticed i'm left with 1 more week of holidays ! ):

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