Sunday, March 01, 2009

No urge for blogging

How long ago was my last post , excluding Lollipop stuffs ? i being missing in action just after i get to fly off . Having back my long lost freedom , i just haven't got the time to settle down to update about my days . Part of the reason was i dont have Phtoshop and could not photoshop any photos to blog about . And so i didnt feel like blogging .

How long have i been enjoying myself ? For 2 weeks ? Yea , and that was a damn early holiday ! i didnt even know that Exam Weeks lasted till last/this week (whatever you classified Sunday as a new week anot) .

Things are happening . I did my first Pedicure ; I went for a jog (rather a walk since jogged only a short distance) ; I bought a wrist/ankle weight ; FYP Proposal discussion ; I bought 3 studded bracelets from a Livejournal shop ; Most importantly , WENJING & I ARE OPENING AN ONLINE SHOP ! Support , yea ? Further details shall be kept as a secret till the official opening . HEHEHES .

And i didn't notice Freshmen Orientation Camp is sooooon (about 3 weeks time) !!! And that also means school reopen ! Hell , i just have my holidays and now i'm seeing "school reopen" . Time moves slowly pleaseeeeeeee ! ):

Puuuuuuuurpleeeeeee ~ :D

Before i end , did i mention i have a Wacom Bamboo Fun to play with now ?

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