Sunday, November 09, 2008

My First Order from Fr3b

Actually i have already received it for quite some time . But dont have the time to blog about it . So now i dig out some of my precious time to talk about it .

The order was quite a fast process . it doesnt take me long to receive this package . So i should say they are quite efficient ?

A thank you message from them .

An overall look .

And yes , they are my orders . They are all my free samples . Of course , not totally free ! i still have to pay the delivery/postage fee which is $2.40 . And the postage fee costs 80cents . it's actually quite worth it , instead of getting tons of products and found out that it's not suitable for me after first try . Fr3b doesnt exactly have samples for all products but at least some of them , even common ones that you find on Watson's shelves ranges from skin care to cosmetics ( Example foundation ) .

The main purpose for this website is to get users to try on products can do surveys and write reviews as the companies' references and also other users . At the same time , users can save money from getting unsuitable products .

So what have i ordered ?

♡ CURE Natural Aqua Jel
♡ Sansho Skin Renewal Gel
♡ Lotree Base Makeup
♡ Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask

Currently i still dont have the time to use them . Therefore i still cant give comments on each product . ): Probably soon ? Or maybe after all my assignments' submission dates ?

But i cant wait to see the results . (:

This is the product card for the Lotree makeup base with the samples . However i find the information inside is TOTALLY USELESS . ):

The reason is very simple .

All the words are in korean . And i dont understand korean . it would be better if they provided information in English too since Singaporeans are mostly the ones doing this ordering . (:

Well , i think everyone should sign up fr3b especially girls . i believe all girls face the same problem of not knowing which product is suitable for herself . All the answers can be found at fr3b !

To sign up , simply just click on the image below -

P/S : Guys , dont ever think that this website is simply just some usual beauty websites for girls . There are also samples on men's products . (:

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