Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting Japan School Visit ♥ Day 2 { Part 1 }

Note * Due to copyright of work , i will not post up the images of students' assignments which they were doing then . & images are arranged the way i took them , hence bare with my randomness .

First night was hard to get into sleep . Slept and woke up again . Maybe i'm used to late bedtime . ( We slept early that night . )

★︴Breakfast ↵

OS ,, There's also some other choices like miso soup .

★︴Giant cat ↵

OS ,, The cat was lying behind the window glass in front of us .

★︴Shot taken from the position i sat ↵

★︴The name of the hotel i stayed ↵

Since there was some time left after breakfast , we went to visit the Walmart inside the hotel building .

★︴Oppsy XD ↵

★︴Nice number of variety ↵

After everyone arrived at the meeting spot , we boarded the bus to our first stop . And yes , we had transportation ( bus ) provided during the trip .

★︴Our first stop - Nippon Engineering College ↵

OS ,, My group is assigned to do presentation on this school .

★︴Interesting school gate ↵

★︴One small portion of school building ↵

★︴Cafe/study/rest area ? ↵

★︴Resting/study area ↵

★︴Even chairs are pretty *smile* ↵

We were led to a room to tell us about the school . They could not speak English but we had our translator to help us . So the whole process was pretty much tiring for our dear translator .

★︴A book of intro about the BIG school ↵

OS ,, i still have the book with me but is all written in Japanese @.@

★︴Touch screen TV/monitor ↵

OS ,, Ohmylollipop ! So high technology . i guess i still haven seen it in Singapore .

★︴Work done by their students ↵

★︴Damn well done right ? ↵

★︴Modelling ? ↵

★︴Nice colors + design ↵

★︴Interesting oh ↵

★︴They learn/use Maya too ! *Maya language* ↵

★︴Freaking realistic ↵

OS ,, Check out the details ! They are way to realistic ! *Claps*

★︴Cute ↵

★︴This type of feel looks nice . XD ↵

★︴Sort of like art & craft room ↵

★︴Handicraft lesson ↵

★︴Photoshop ↵

★︴Whole frame of "人" ↵

★︴Each to a working table ↵

OS ,, We complain that we don't have this facility in school .

★︴Showcase of students' workpieces ↵

★︴Hardworking students ↵

★︴How to draw Astroboy ↵

★︴Animation ↵

OS ,, HEHEHEHEHS . Actually that time find that black shirt guy quite shuai , but now see like not shuai . XD

★︴Spot Lolita ↵

OS ,, Cool Lolita outfit & is nothing special in Japan

★︴座席 ? ↵

OS ,, Their sitting arrangement or timetable ? If sitting arrangement , then why morning and afternoon must be different ?

★︴VFX 〓 Visual Effects ↵

★︴A signboard that appears at the top of all classrooms' doors ↵

OS ,, But what it means ?

★︴CG 〓 Computer Generated ↵

OS ,, We started exploring from the top . And we tried to spot shuai ge in the campus . Or is that mainly just me ? *LOL*

「To be continued …」

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