Friday, October 24, 2008

Can't wait for November

Can you see what this is ?
And yea , another work done during Digital Matte Painting lesson which was yesterday . Complicated task - different brush with different setting , different color tones , pen pressure and know where to paint . i think the coming assignment will drive me crazy .

Yesterday morning was WTF ! 8.30am lesson and i thought i was late and i hurried . Reached class after 8.30am , and the emptiness of the class (with only around 5 students) and no lecturer surprised me . Walaos , then the lecturer arrived at about 9.20am . If i had known it earlier , i would have slept longer . Freeeeak !

After lesson went down club for Captain's ball training . Not many went for the training . Oncoming training must start to be serious as the team has been confirmed . We also dont have much time to the day of our first match . Next year i dont know how as i will probably be having my attachment . ): Heard from Kellyn it will be 7 months of attachment . That is crazy lah ! Hopefully it's not true ~~ i think if is true , i also wont want to believe . WHO THE HELL WILL WANT 7 MONTHS OF ATTACHMENT ?! XD

Last night was a crazy chat with my fellow ABC (Eric) 's fans from different part of the world . ( i even have a conversation with them now . HEHEHEHEHHEHS . ) Chatted and watched video till 4plus in the morning . Ended up i was SUPER DUPER SLEEPY in the morning but still dragged myself to school . *POP* i started sleeping in class when i reached class . And i actually slept for about 2.5hours . HEHEHEHHEHES . XD Lesson was like architecture but i dont know if DARE learn it - using google sketch up to create the scene according to a floor plan . Homework due next Friday but i dont know how to do . Haven start exploring .

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ohya , there will be a Dance Competition at SMU on the 15 November from 3-10pm . Tickets are selling at 15bucks each and will be sold on the day itself . I WANNA GO LAH ! Cause Elmo ( 沒錯 ,, 模範棒棒堂的艾毛 ) is participating this competition . Furthermore , this dance competition sounds super cool ! There's breaking , locking , popping and hip hop . Actually i'm always tempted to learn dancing but always no action plus busy schedule . ( Aww , if 黑角can be here , it will add up the excitement . )

For more information regarding the competition , check it out at this blog . Details are all up there .

Since Elmo is coming Singapore , those who preordered BIH shirt may be able to meet him face to face for payment . Freaking cool but the shirt's price is also freaking cool . BIH shirt is selling at SGD 57 . And what's way more cool is THE MEETUP IS ON MY BIRTHDAY ! But I'M BROKE ! ):

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i will be flying to Bangkok for holiday on the 09 - 12 December and Aspiration Camp is on the December 11 - 13 December . WAHHH ~ Clash ! ): So i either go on the 2nd day since reached Singapore around lunch time or dont go at all .

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