Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Girls' Crazy night

Aii fairies crazy night was spent around Esplanade taking photos - random photo shots . Never we had spent the time till SO LATE . Past midnight okay ? And we thought we could take the Night Rider home but it was too late when we found out it isnt available on this normal weekday - Monday . In the end , having no other alternative , we took cab back home . And i got home nearly 2am ! i got nag by my mum , and she said in the future i must be home before 11.30pm or else she wont allow to go out . Z Z Z . Hopefully she will not be serious by what she said . XD But seriously , reaching home after midnight is really late . Sigh ~

Now i prefer tonning outside or sleepover at someone's house . At least i'm not home late , after midnight . HOHOHOHO .

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