Monday, September 22, 2008

Back from Camp

Leadership Training Camp 08/09 ended successfully . it was a fun camp and was kinda different from what i experienced last year . i was assigned to be the photographer , again like FO Camp . But then i was tired of taking photos and pressing the camera buttons after 6 consecutive days of photography in Japan which was just the week before . i think i'm gonna have phobia with cameras . @.@ i became a slacker during the camp , lazy but still trying hard to capture memories . XD

Campfire was high ! Shim (Dont know if it's spelled like this) night was funny . And is also fun to help the shims to dress up prettily . XD Last night of camp is always the most fun and enjoyable ! :D HIGH HIGH HIGH !

Last time used to find camps sian especially when is a more 3 days camp . But now seems to be already part of my life and it ends faster than expected . But at the same time losing the feel of being a camper after being a GP ever since FOC . The girls wanna go for the ICE Camp as a camper . i dont know if i wanna go after listening to those-who-went-for-last-year-ICE-Camp-campers about the happenings last year . But surely , this will probably be the last camp in this poly life which able us to be a camper again . Z z z .

i shall end here and will try to upload some highlighted/funny/interesting photos tomorrow . (:

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