Friday, August 15, 2008

My holiday starts

NOW !!!


i'm super happy about it . Crazy rushing of assignments has finally ended for this semester . & holiday is here for me to have a good rest . Not forgetting to have fun with my friends too . Tag me out before new assignments arrive during the next semester ! :D

But it can be boring for now as majority are having their end of semester exam . Anyway , JIAYOUS to those who are having exams ! i'm gonna spend my time in WOO.COM for now since i've got the time . Been MIA for quite sometime . ): & also design more images . i miss Photoshop !


Tell me this isnt true . Just rumors and nothing . Nothing about it is a fact . No one is graduating and all are staying . & everything gonna be the same , like it has been all the while . i think i will cry if it's a fact . ):

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