Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My head is S-P-I-N-N-I-N-G

My mind is so stress up today ! Luckily 11am - 1pm was cancelled , if not i will be facing my same old boring Maya assignment from 11am - 5.30pm minus the freaking 1 hour hour break .

No morning lesson is way so cool & make the afternoon lesson to be freaking waste time , just like these 2 weeks' Mondays ! Time spent in school is totally almost equals to what i'm doing at home .

Surf net & Doing Maya Assignment (For this "critical" moment lah !)

Now is already JULY !

JULY ~~~

i just cant believe is JULY now ! i actually survived all these while with my slacking . Alrights , to be truthful , i'm still in my before-year2-starts holiday mood ! That's freaking long ago but i'm still in that SO-HEAVENLY holiday mood !

i never feel so much in a holiday mood before . But i think this helps a lot . Reduce stress ! XD However , when it comes to ASSIGNMENTS , i'm totally falling into HELL ! Competing with those spoil-market-classmates . !@#$%^&*()


Ahhh , i sounds so contradicting ! But Holiday mood & STRESS ... is really WHAT I AM NOW ! All i wish is to pass and graduate smoothly ! Forward module is totally a NO-NO !

Effects Animation lecturer said there's students failed the 1st Assignment ! And just now i went to look at my Effects Animation video , OH-MY-FCUKING-LOLLIPOP ! NO FIRE !!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT I ADDED SCENES TO SEE MY FIRE ?! ARGHHH !!! MY FIRE IS STILL HIDDEN UNDER MY PAN !!! FCUK ! *StressUp*

Hopefully lecturer will grade mainly from my Maya work .

Confused with what i have said ?

Here's the video of my Effects Animation Work :

Please dont comment anything ! i know is not well done ! ):

Assignments are endless ; they are NEVER ENDING ! Whenever one assignment completed , there will always be AT LEAST ONE assignment waiting to be completed . TOTALLY NO LIFE ! How sad ! ):

Currently at this moment , i already have 2 more assignment to complete other than the Maya Assignment is happily due this Friday . That 2 assignments are due on WEEK 17 ! & BOTH NEEDS FILMING ! Actually 1 of them is a mini version of the other . z z z .


1 of them is the whole year assignment which is the group assignment which requires to have all filming done this Semester . And the other 1 is HELL !

Currently we have done FROM THIS (Storyboard):

TO THIS (Animatics which also refers to Moving Storyboard):


& now we have to film it LIVE !!!!!
i'm gonna go crazy with this ! Mine is so dreamy kind .

i shall move STEP BY STEP and seeeeeeeeeee .

Well , want a peep at by not-so-realistic Maya work (which means i need to put in more efforts before i submit) ?

Here you go ~


If is an easy software , my lecturers would know how to solve whenever problems i encounter ! & not moving the mouse , clicking here and there trying to figure out then tell me how . @.@

i'm feeling SUPER SLEEPY nowadays ! i'm gonna SLEEEEEEEEEEP MORE after this Friday's submission . Or else my head will continue spinning ~~~ *Spin head*

BUSY JULY BUSY SCHEDULE but i still wanna find time to relax my mind . *HINT HINT* :D


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