Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guys can give birth too

You may think ,

" This is ridiculous ! Is this some kind of joke or just crapping ? "

Maybe used to be but not now with the high technology !

Actually , i find it weird when i watched this video . Maybe not used to it . & also , look like some muscular pregnant man . But is also a good thing lah . If wife cannot give birth due to some reasons or dont want to give birth , guys can do the job instead . HOHOHOHO .

What if both pregnant ?

Imagine the scene !
That must be a really RIDICULOUS . & for sure will be on the World's headline !
( OS: Then will the pregnant husband still take care of his pregnant wife ? LOL . )

Well , maybe in years time , this will be a new trend for married couples (as in guys get pregnant instead of the girls) . Who knows ?

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