Monday, June 23, 2008

*Sad Face* cause there is no why

Normal school day & time tomorrow ):
i haven finish up my drawing homework which is due this thursday ):
My 3D assignment is only teeny weeny tiny bit done & is due next monday ):
DCM Assignment 2 is an individual assignment which means filming and editing will be done individually & is due on Week 17 ):
Filming has not yet started nor scheduled ):
i feel sleepy recently ):
Labtop is driving me crazy ):
i wasted my time in school today ; only have a 2 hours (watch video clip) lesson ):
& this is not Monday Blues ! ):

Saw Qiuling, Xinyi, Sihao (& was peishan there ? XD) on the way meeting min after lesson . Qiuling stopped me and gave me Lollipop poster from the Teens Magazine . ♥

Thanks girl ! (:

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